Official AFL Publishing Guidelines


The Official AFL Publishing Guidelines have been developed to provide clarity on any uncertainty that exists around the use of AFL intellectual property on unlicensed titles containing AFL content. Publishers that do not hold a Commodity Licence Agreement with the AFL are forbidden from using any AFL intellectual property on a book cover (front or back) or any marketing collateral and are not authorised to retail titles via AFL retail channels including AFL Club shops and online.

The following guidelines intend to cover frequently asked questions that have arisen within the publishing industry in relation to the use of AFL intellectual property. Should there be anything that remains unclear after reviewing the document, please contact the AFL directly at for further guidance.


1.1 What is AFL intellectual property?

The AFL owns all registered and unregistered trademarks and brand names, designs and copyright and other industrial and intellectual property associated with the AFL Competition and each of the AFL Clubs and is the owner of all copyright in AFL match vision (collectively AFL IP). AFL IP includes the word ‘AFL’, the AFL logo, various other AFL owned logos, Club names, Club logos, Club mascots, Club nicknames, Club colour combinations and Club playing guernseys.

1.2 How is permission granted to use ‘AFL’ in a title or subtitle?

The brand name ‘AFL’ cannot be used in a title or subtitle unless permitted under a Commodity Licence Agreement with the AFL.


2.1 How is permission granted to use AFL Photos?

Access to AFL Photos that include imagery classified as AFL IP for use on a cover is only available to official AFL licensees under a Commodity Licence Agreement with the AFL. Access to AFL Photos that include imagery classified as AFL IP for use in the internal sections of a book may be available without a Commodity Licence Agreement. The following process must be followed before any AFL Photo that includes imagery classified as AFL IP is made available:

1. Contact with the following information:

2. Low resolution images may then be released to mock up artwork that must be submitted to AFL Brandzone for AFL approval. 

3. If approved by the AFL, High resolution images will be released.

2.2 When can Newspix Photos or Getty Images be used?

You can only use a Newspix or Getty photo if AFL Photos does not have the particular image, or a similar image, to that which you are seeking. For example, an historic image that AFL Photos did not take. You will need permission in writing from AFL Photos to licence the image through Newspix or Getty.

2.3 When can illustrations be used?

Representation of the AFL or an AFL Player in illustrative format requires approval from AFL Brandzone and, where applicable, the relevant player and the associated Club. Any illustration containing AFL IP is classified in the same way as a photo containing AFL IP.

2.4 What is the cost of an AFL Photo?

Contact for more information on licensing fees. The fee is based on the number of images purchased, whether the image is for cover or internal use, print runs, and ebook loading, among other factors. Fees will also be dependent on whether the publication is a licensed or unlicensed product.

2.5 How are AFL Photos delivered?

High res images are delivered via a downloadable link through Hightail, which is a fileshare system similar to Dropbox. You do not need an account to be able to download the images.

2.6 How should AFL Photos be credited?

General credit on the imprint page is required for use of AFL Photos e.g. All images © AFL Media. Additionally, credit as part of the caption in a picture section is required e.g © Photographer name/AFL Media (where photographer’s name has been provided).


3.1 What is AFL Brandzone?

AFL Brandzone is the AFL brand approvals and guidelines system where you can access, download and gain approval for all AFL IP requests and artwork/creative submissions.

3.2 What is the AFL Brandzone approval process?

All artwork, including cover and internals, that uses AFL Photos containing AFL IP or any other AFL IP on either licensed or unlicensed product must be submitted to AFL Brandzone for approval In the event that an internal section of a book contains artwork containing AFL IP, the book cover does not need to be submitted, but the artwork must still be submitted to AFL Brandzone. This process prevents the inappropriate use of AFL IP. 3.3 What is the AFL Brandzone approval timeline?

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for approvals to be processed on AFL Brandzone.


4.1 What benefits is a Licensee granted under an AFL Commodity Licence Agreement?

AFL Licensees have access to the following as part of a Commodity Licence Agreement: